Ways to say, "I love you" this holiday season! December 16, 2016 06:28

We all know how actions speak louder than words, and that couldn't be more true this Christmas season to say, "I love you".  Here are some ways to show your special lady how much you love her this holiday season!

Have delivered to her home a bouquet of flowers.  A woman never loses her adoration for flowers.  They a simply the best part of nature that speaks the language of love to her heart.  Right before Christmas, send her a big, elegant bouquet of the Best Christmas flowers that will leave her speechless!  Show up at her doorstep after they're delivered with a second gift to say just how much you love her.

Surprise her with a sleigh ride.  Another way to say I love you to that special someone is to take her on a sleigh ride through downtown in your city.  These sleigh rides by horse can be so fun and loving.  You both can snuggle together and enjoy a night on the town, as you take in what Christmas time is truly about.  It will be a loving moment that she will never forget!

Create her a Christmas love letter of your own.  Sometimes with a woman, it is the small things that really count.  You can get our own Christmas color paper, some glue and scissors, and go to work.  Cut out some Christmas trees, and a snowman to put right on the front of the card.  Be creative as you desire on the inside of the card and leave room to write your endearing, heartfelt words that will take her breath away.  Then, follow up the card with an amazing Christmas gift to bring tears to her eyes!

Take off of work just to prepare for Christmas with her.  Whether at work or at home, it can be busy very quickly during the holiday season, especially the closer it gets to Christmas.  It would be a nice gesture of saying I love you by taking time out of your end-of-the-year schedule and tell her you took the day off to get ready for the holiday with her.  Take her to her favorite stores, grab a bite to eat and enjoy each other's company with holiday cheer!  The quality time you spend with her will speak volumes and warm her heart.

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