Wedding Planning Tips: What Types of Flower Arrangements Do You Need? July 12, 2019 04:52

Los Angeles WeddingsFlowers are a hugely important part of any wedding.  They bring a warmth and dimension that other types of decor do not. A beautiful flower design will take your theme and aesthetic to the next level.  The only problem is that there are so many different types of arrangements to think of. There are the flowers for the wedding party, the ceremony, and reception.

You'll work with a florist and wedding planner to figure out what you want. But, it's always good to come to the table with some ideas. 

You can do the bare minimum and just have some centerpieces and bouquets. Or, maybe you'd like to go all out. Have you ever heard of a flower wall?

Even if you land somewhere in between, you should be aware of all the flower options available. 

Bouquets, decorative arrangements, corsages, and more. Here are all the types of flower arrangements you'll want and need for your wedding.

Personal Flowers 

Before you even get to the ceremony or reception, there are all sorts of wedding flowers to think of. Not only will every person in your wedding party have some kind of flower element, but you might also want other important people to have them, too.


Obviously, the bride will have her main bouquet. But, you'll probably have to plan for at least a few additional ones. 

Each bridesmaid will have their own. Usually, they are a matching, smaller version of the bride's.

Additionally, the bride should have a "tossing" bouquet to throw at the end of the reception. This could be the same as the bridesmaid bouquets. 

Hair Accessories and Crowns 

The bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls might want to have some flower hair accessories. Flowers and succulents can be added to clips or combs. 

Another fun option is to get flower crowns for an ethereal look. 


The groom, groomsmen, ring bearers, and fathers of the couple should get boutonnieres. These can all be the same or the groom can have one that stands out.

You might also elect to get boutonnieres for other important men involved in the ceremony. That might include an officiant, ushers, and grandfathers.  


A corsage should be given to important women who aren't in the bridal party. That usually means mothers and grandmothers of the couple, and if you have a female officiant.

Flowers for Pets

Incorporating your beloved pet in your wedding is an adorable addition to any ceremony. You can make them look "dressed up" with a flower collar. 

Ceremony Flowers

Don't overlook the flowers for your ceremony. Having beautiful arrangements will add even more romance to your wedding. 

Plus, during your cocktail hour, many of the flowers can be moved to the reception area. That means some extra bang for your buck! 


The first impression your guests will have of your wedding is when they get to the entryway. If you're getting married in an indoor area, there will probably be some kind of lobby. 

You can add various arrangements in there or perhaps around the entrance. Is your wedding outside? Then you might want to make a beautiful sign framed in flowers that points guests towards their seats. 


You can decorate your aisle with flowers in a myriad of different ways. 

A long flower garland can be laid out on the ground next to the chairs. An aisle marker can also be made with flowers or shrubs lined up in decorative planters.

Not having flower girls? You can still decorate the aisle with a thick sprinkling of petals for a pop of color. 

Arch or Backdrop

The area where you're getting married should have some kind of floral focal point. If you aren't having a religious ceremony, that means arranging some kind of arch or backdrop. 

An arch decorated with flowers makes for a beautiful frame for the happy couple. Another idea is to have a wall of flowers behind you. Both provide an amazing look for wedding videos and pictures. 

If your ceremony and reception are in the same spot, you might want to move it to sit behind the couple's dining table.

Altar or Chuppah

If you are having a religious ceremony, you still want to make the altar or chuppah a focal point. Depending on what the venue allows, an altar could be covered in flowers or just some modest centerpieces. 

A Jewish chuppah or canopy looks amazing adorned in flowers. The look is very similar to a floral arch. 

Reception Flowers 

You're used to seeing the same old centerpiece arrangements at every wedding. But, these days, there are so many other reception flower options beyond the ordinary. Talk with your florist to find out about some creative options.


A centerpiece is the obvious choice if you're electing to have round tables during your sit down dinner. You can do one giant bouquet in the middle. Another option is to have a sprinkling of flowers in the middle or a succulent. 

Centerpieces are a no-brainer for the dining tables. But, you can also consider them for the bars, around the welcome table, the bathrooms, and more. 

Table Garlands

If you're choosing to have one or two long dining tables, consider a table garland instead of centerpieces. It can be made of a variety of flowers and leaves. Within the garland, you can use tapered candles for a really romantic look.

Getaway Car Flowers

End the evening with a bang by decorating your getaway car with flowers and a "Just Married" sign. You might also want to arrange to have your guests throw flower petals as you leave. 

Flower Arrangements You Need For Your Wedding

Choosing your flower arrangements is a big part of any wedding. They provide a colorful, elegant look unlike any other kind of decoration. Putting thought and care into your floral design will ensure a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Are you getting married and in need of a florist for your Atlanta or Los Angeles wedding? Then contact us to discuss what you're looking for.