What a Girl Wants After Valentine's Day! February 16, 2017 05:17

Now that the big day is gone, it can be a challenge for a man to know how to follow up behind all of the Best Long Beach Flowers, candy and the "I love you's".  You may wonder with having so much success with leaving her speechless and bringing her to tears, how do you keep the fire going now?  Well, no need to worry.  Here are just a few things that a girl wants after Valentine's Day to continue the romance within your relationship!

Show Your Love More - It's easy to say I love you on Valentine's Day.  She knows that's what you're supposed to do. Yet, saying and showing it after the holiday is what will really impress her.  Take the time to do the things that show her you really do love her.  Your actions will prove you meant every word you said on Valentine's Day!

Quality Time - Nothing says you love her more than simply your quality time.  She can't wait to sit close to you and listen to you talk about your day at work, your plans and all the great things going on in your life.  Women also enjoy the time you can spend together taking a spontaneous stroll in the park, and even a quaint little picnic, enjoying each other's company.

Plan the Next Big Getaway - After Valentine's Day, the stage is set to tell her you are making plans to take her on the perfect getaway.  Go ahead and tell her about all of the aspects of the getaway that you are arranging, from where you both will be traveling, how long and what you'll be doing there.  If she works, she can go ahead and make preparations to take time off as well.  Giving her a getaway like this is sure to keep her love tank so full and always thinking of you!

More Surprise Flowers - What a woman likes after Valentine's Day will always be more surprise flowers!  A woman loves the way that flowers display the beauty of how you feel about her.  She is lovely to you, therefore, a floral bouquet is shows her that she is your masterpiece.  After the big day, gifts are nice, yet nothing speaks to your continued thoughtfulness and love like flowers do.

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