Why Flowers are the Perfect Gift For Any Occasion November 6, 2018 09:14

Los Angeles FloristAre you needing to find a gift for someone special? Choosing the perfect gift can sometimes be tricky. After all, it can be a challenge knowing exactly what a loved one likes or wants, what size they might where, or what they already have or don't have. So what's the solution to this gift-giving predicament?

Fear not, you've come to the right place! Whether you're looking for gifts for women or gifts for men, almost everyone enjoys receiving flowers. Let's take a look at why these beautiful natural wonders make such great gift ideas.

Why Flowers are the Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

When in doubt about what kind of gift to give, give flowers. Read on to learn why flowers make the absolute perfect gift for any occasion.

There are Flowers for Any Budget

As with any other type of gift, you can certainly spend as much money on flowers as you want. But what if funds are tight at the moment and you have very little wiggle room in your budget? The good news is that you don't have to spend a fortune.

That's one of the beauty of buying flowers. They are available at a variety of price-points, so there's no need to get stressed out. Even an inexpensive bouquet is a great gift that will make a big splash. After all, sometime simple is better.

Anyone Can Enjoy Them

It's true. People love flowers. Even men. So it's hard to go wrong sending a bouquet or even a single rose, just to tell someone that you're thinking of them. And no matter who the gift is intended for, everyone around will be able to take advantage of the atmosphere that flowers instantly create.

They Look Great in any Room

Flowers not only make people happy, they instantly brighten any room while adding beauty, aroma and life. When there is a vase of gorgeous flowers on a desk or a table, it's hard to resist taking a moment to stop and enjoy the lovely colors and breathe in the unmistakably fresh aroma.

Flowers are naturally decorative, and often live for weeks.

There is a Perfect Flower for any Occasion

There is no shortage of occasions for giving flowers, and there's a perfect flower for every occasion. They make ideal gifts for girlfriend or wives, for the winter holidays like New Years and Christmas, for funerals or someone recovering from an illness, as a thank you or congratulations, or of course for Valentine's Day.

And nothing warms the heart more than giving flowers to that special someone in your life just as a way to say "I'm thinking of you".

One Size Fits All

Another great thing about giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift is you don't have to worry about picking out the right size. Other gifts, such as clothing or jewelry or shoes, can be tricky. But not flowers. They are always the right size!

Perfect for any Mood

No two days are the same, and while some days the sun is shining and the world feels like a beautiful place, the next day might be filled with rain and gloom. The same can be said of human emotions.

No matter a person's mood for the day, flowers have the power to lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. They are simply impossible to resist. A vase full of roses or orchids can express deep love, serve as an apology, or tell your loved one that "I miss you and can't wait to see you again".

Flowers are Diet Friendly

There are certain occasions such as holidays when sweets are the traditional gift. Yet these days a lot of people have become much more health-conscious. There are also health concerns to consider such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and those on a strict gluten-free diet.

For these and other dietary reasons, it's often a good idea to skip the gift of sweets such as a box of chocolates in favor of a beautiful flower arrangement.

Flowers are Allergy Friendly

It's a common misconception that flowers cause allergic reactions such as uncontrollable sneezing. The reality is that while some types of flower do have heavy pollen, this isn't necessarily a significant threat to someone with allergies.

The good news is that certain types of flowers do not contain any pollen at all, and for those flowers that do, florists can often remove pollen upon request. So if this is a concern, contact your local florist to discuss possible options.

Each Kind of Flower Has a Special Meaning

Each type of flower has a long history with a story and meaning behind it. This history and meaning is what makes each kind special. Even the color of each flower has special significance.

Take the rose, for example. A red rose is traditionally associated with love, yet a yellow rose is symbolic of friendship. The more you learn about each type, the more special they become.

You Can Order Them From the Comfort of Home

We live in an age of total convenience. Giving a gift has never been easier. Thus the power to give flowers is right at your fingertips. There's no excuse not to brighten someone's day. Simply go online, find the perfect type of flower for the occasion, and click away.

It no longer matters the time of year or the time of day or night, placing your order is effortless and many orders can even be delivered not only the same day but often within hours.

The Power to Warm the Heart

Flowers are quite simply the perfect gift. They are beautiful, natural, and can say so many different things without having to say a word.

They are a special kind of gift that never go out of season. And with so many varieties to choose from, you can pick a different one for each and every occasion!

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