Why Flowers are the Perfect Gifts to Give Coworkers June 13, 2018 06:38

Los Angeles FloristBuying gifts for co-workers can sometimes feel like handing out invites for parties in grade school. What are you supposed to do if you're closer to one coworker than another? Or, if you just don't know someone in your department well enough to get them a gift they'll enjoy?

Here's a hint: when choosing gifts to give coworkers, always go with flowers. Flowers are the perfect way to celebrate or show some office appreciation, regardless of the occasion or how close you are to the other person.

The following are a few of the main reasons why flowers are the perfect professional gift to get someone.

Flowers Are Considerate and Professional

The main word above is "professional." When it comes to finding gifts to give coworkers, the last thing you want to do is be over the top and risk coming on too strong. Gifts are a kind, caring gesture, but the wrong ones can feel flirty or just a little out of place for an office setting.

Flowers, though, show you care without making the recipient feel like there's anything else to it. They are more meaningful than a card, yet also more suitable than a nice dinner or a good bottle of wine. Flowers hit the office gift sweet spot - not too generic or boring, not too forthcoming or personal.

Flowers Are Cost-Effective

Most of the time, you're not the only one in the office getting gifts for a colleague. Maybe everyone knows it's the department head's 5-year work anniversary next week, or someone on your team just announced they're an expecting parent.

These are both big accomplishments, which sometimes pressure co-workers to spend large amounts of money on a gift. If you want to do something nice without breaking the bank, buy flowers.

There are many different ways bouquets are priced. You can create a small bouquet with higher-end flowers, or order a large arrangement with simpler flowers that still look lovely. Not to mention, delivery versus pick-up fees help you cut down on costs, and even the card and added gifts are items to budget for.

To help you choose your arrangement and stay within budget, most flower shops break down their best bouquets by price. Take your time to search each tier and additional options in order to create the most beautiful (and budget-friendly) gift for your coworker(s)!

Flowers are not only cost-effective for you, but they also create a memorable experience for the other person. Your bouquet can be a perfect desk decoration or something to take home and display.

Flowers Are the Perfect Gifts to Give Coworkers for Any Occasion

As great as it is to know you're maintaining professionalism and staying within budget with flowers, arguably, the best reason these make great office gifts is because you can buy flowers for anything!

Is someone getting married? A promotion? Celebrating a big birthday?

Stop filling the break room with cakes and other sweets and be the person who shows up with flowers for the special coworker instead. You can do this for all of the occasions listed below.

To Celebrate a Birthday or Anniversary

Many offices are a cluster of different age groups. The intern you just hired might be turning 21 next week, or the CMO whose office is around the corner from you might be about to turn 40. Each is a special birthday to recognize in its own way.

Not to mention, there's such a thing as office birthdays - aka work anniversaries. It's noteworthy to celebrate a person's first year, their third year, or maybe even their tenth year in the office!

This is especially true if you've been around long enough to watch the individual progress within the company. Get them flowers to show how proud you are of their efforts for a work anniversary, or that you wish them well in the new year a birthday brings.

To Offer Support and Solace

Sometimes, you have to wish well for those around you due to more serious conditions. Maybe the person who sits across the way from you just lost a loved one, or recently came back to work after taking a long sick leave.

These are stressful times that can often feel overwhelming and lonely. When you buy a coworker in such a situation flowers, though, you're really offering hope and community. You're telling them that they have a shoulder to lean on if need be (again, in a professional manner).

People appreciate more than you may ever know. One simple bouquet can transform a person's attitude at work while life is hitting them with many other serious things.

To Welcome New Employees

What if you don't know a new employee at all, but you want to introduce yourself and welcome them? Get this person flowers.

Flowers keep the celebration going for recent graduates who are starting their first adult job. This can be your way of welcoming them into the "real world" and offering a bit of encouragement to do well. Flowers also make a great gift for new department heads and executives entering your company or team members who have recently been promoted to your level.

Thank You's, Farewells, and Good Luck Gifts

As employees enter the company, some will end up leaving, too. Get a goodbye gift for a coworker or a thank-you for someone you'd like to personally recognize before you make your exit.

A bouquet can wish someone good luck in their new endeavors or just show one last bit of appreciation before you take on your own fresh start. Either way, whatever you want to say, you can get the message across beautifully with flowers.

Choosing the Right Flowers

It's one thing to know flowers are the perfect gift for someone in your office, and another to know which kind of flowers are perfect for the occasion. The type and color of a flower say much about the feelings behind the gift.

To make sure the gifts to give coworkers you choose are just right, click here to read more about what different flowers represent.